We have all heard the saying, “The first impression is usually the last.” What about the saying, “Dress to impress!” These sayings also hold true in the business world, including successful business women. In society these days, women are expected to look and dress her best. Looking her finest will also boost her confidence for a number of reasons. This is because when a woman feels and looks her best, she will feel wonderful deep inside. This great feeling inside of her will make her feel as if she can conquer the world. So the question is, “What are the attributes relative to a business woman’s confidence and how does she acquire those particular attributes?” 
Attribute #1: A Sense of Pride
Perfumes, scents, and odors in the workplace–there can be nothing worse than having a foul odor in the presence of others, especially work. Therefore, using fresh-smelling, long-lasting deodorant is extremely important. In addition, a woman having the smell of smoke on her person from smoking cigarettes is a way to distract clients. Most importantly, avoid heavy perfume and other scented products in all business settings. It may not appeal to other people and it will distract a business environment. Scents can bring on a person’s asthma symptoms, and can be extremely offensive. Therefore, when a business woman has the right amount of scents–smells nice and not too strong–a sense of pride develops within herself. She knows she smells great, and this pride will lead to her confidence. 
Attribute #2: A Sense of Professionalism
One of the most important attributes that will lead to her confidence is a sense of professionalism. Professionalism comes from wearing the appropriate amount and style of jewelry. Jewelry, such as bracelets, should not make any noise or too large that it distracts business settings. A business woman should never wear costume jewelry. Her professional attire also leads to a woman’s professionalism. Determining the business’ dress code is her best step in looking professional. If the business requires formal wear, abide by that. Ensuring proper dress will portray a woman’s profession, influencing her confidence as a result. 
Attribute #3: Feels Beautiful From Beauty Enhancements 
Makeup is essential to a business woman’s looks and bringing out her confidence. It is used to both impress and enhance a woman’s looks. When any woman knows that her looks are impressing others she feels good inside. However, knowing how much to put on is also very important. Keep it simple. A good example of makeup to consider for the professional look is the mineral eyebrow pencil, which is a mineral base that naturally enhances a woman’s eyebrows. The goal for a professional appearance is to both having healthy skin while bringing out her beauty. Along with the eyebrow enhancement is a mineral concealer. Many women are prone to developing acne. That needed confidence will be developed when her acne is hidden, which will naturally be done with the mineral concealer. Light-colored lipstick and eye shadow can also work wonders. 
As it is now known, when a business woman looks and feels her physical best, her confidence is uplifted. From the way she smells to her makeup, she is sure to maintain that self-assurance. A sense of pride, a sense of professionalism, and the feeling that she is physically enhanced will all drive her confidence, guiding her to her success. Acquiring these attributes may even get her a promotion.

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