As sure as there are many myths about masturbation that we should never believe, there are two things we should know: no one wants to talk about masturbation, and almost everyone does it. There are many strange beliefs associated with masturbation because no one wants to tell it out. We are not talking about people getting blind and pubic hair growing on your palms. This is an area where many people don’t fully understand. 
This article enlists the myths about masturbation. The myths that need to go now are listed below. 
Masturbation Causes Infertility
Masturbation never causes infertility and will never affect the chances of getting pregnant. However, there are some caveats related to this myth that can affect your fertility. If you share sexy toys, make sure to keep them clean always so that they can’t be the channel to pass on STI (sexually transmitted infections). (Actually, don’t share that type of toys for adults that you have with anyone, just buy them on your own.) If some STIs are not treated, they can cause infertility in both men and women. Some men are advised to reduce the number of ejaculations they make if they want their partners to get pregnant. However, this is a very rare occurrence because masturbation does not cause low sperm count. 
Masturbation Causes Erectile Dysfunction
Masturbation has no role to play in erectile dysfunction while this is a complex area that has many possible factors. There are many physical and psychological causes of ED. Sometimes arousal and desire are affected by both. However, on all causes, masturbation is not on the list. How often and when you start masturbation does not cause ED. If you have a low ED, consider food for sexual health. 
Women Become Addicted To Vibrators
There is always no risk of addiction while frequent usage of vibrators can make you less responsive to subtler stimulation temporarily. Using a vibrator for sex or masturbation with your partner can be great fun. Never get worried because vibrators do not spoil the fun with a partner. You will also not become addicted to the vibrator. There is also a misconception associated with women using vibrators, saying that using these sexy toys will destroy your physical equipment. In fact, that is not true at all. You will be surprised to know that masturbating and using sex toys in moderation considered to be a healthy masturbation since there are numerous benefits in using adult toys in female masturbation.
Masturbation Kills Sex drive
This is the most common myth about masturbation. Keep it in mind that masturbation is important, and there are a ton of health benefits of masturbation. Masturbation is one of the successful ways that one can know their sexuality. During this act, one can know what they like and what they don’t like. This will result in a more enjoyable sex with a partner. 
Both men and women can be assured that masturbation often makes them last longer when having sex with their partners. That is for men health advice. Masturbation will never make it harder to reach an orgasm or affect your sex drive. 
People In Relationships Do Not Masturbate
Many think that when you have a partner you should never touch yourself again. Some think of it as an emotional cheating. As a matter of fact, masturbation is not only for single people. People with partners are likely to masturbate more than those without, and that actually makes their relationship become stronger. Masturbation is a great way to know what pleases them best. In relationship, it is best to know what you want or don’t want, and communicate with your partners.
Childhood Masturbation Means You are Sex-addicted or Hypersexual
This is a very normal act. Many people grow thinking that it is abnormal just because they were caught doing it and scolded. Many children start masturbating before puberty because they realized it feels good touching their genitals. Whether you started it late or early, it has no effect on your adult sexual life.
Men Run Out Of Semen
It is true that women have about two million eggs. This is not true for men. Every day men genitals generate swimmers. People think that using male masterbation toy can squeeze them much semen. This is a false myth. Men generate semen on a daily basis ever since they reached puberty. 

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