The expression “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is never truer than on a first date. This is why it is so important to know how to create a fun, flirtatious and stress-free environment, so you will both be able to relax. If you make the effort to learn to ask the right kinds of questions, the odds are your date will open up to you, become attracted to you and you might just have the date end with that magical first kiss.
Because you want to get to know your date, it’s natural to want to ask a lot of questions. However, asking the wrong types of questions can send out the wrong vibe. Remember, there is a very fine line between getting to know your date and seeming invasive. For a first date to go smoothly, you not only need to know where not to go, like a stripper club, but also what kinds of questions not to ask. So, in order not to sabotage the date, here is a list of inappropriate, and possibly inflammatory, questions you should never ask someone on a first date:
1) Is the information on Google about you right? While a quick pre-date search is completely normal, it most definitely is not a good idea to bring up what you found out about your date online. Instead, if you want to know about his college-football days just mention you love football to steer the conversation in that direction.
2) Who do you plan to vote for? Bringing up politics on a first date is a major don’t. If one of you is on the extreme left and the other on the far right it may just bring the date to a screeching haul. However, if the topic comes up naturally it is okay to politely, and very briefly, address it.
3) What’s your “number?” While learning about your date’s sexual history is of course important, it shouldn’t be something you ask on the first date, as it will more often than not send the wrong message.
4) How much money do you make? Talking about money with someone you just met is considered rude and will make a lot of people uncomfortable. The first date is for trying to see how well you’ll get along, and not if he will be able to take you on trips to Paris and Rome.
5) Why are you still single? There is almost no way to ask this question without it sounding like an accusation, so it’s better to just wait until your date brings up the subject. 
6) Do you still speak with your ex? Let the past stay in the past. If an ex-wife or children are involved, let your date be the one to bring up the subject. 
7) Why haven’t you sent me a “friend request” yet? Don’t worry about whether your date is following you on social media. You can worry about cyberspace after you have connected in real life. 
8) How old were you when you lost your virginity? Way too personal for a first date. 
9) What’s your weight? Weight is another one of those subjects that shouldn’t be addressed on a first date, if ever. While women tend to be a little more sensitive about the subject than men, asking about a guys size can make him feel self-conscious.
10) What was your college GPA? A first date is not a job interview, and book smarts don’t necessarily translate into real-world success.
11) Does size matter? This can be embarrassing for both sexes, so keep the conversation clean and above the waist.
12) What’s your most traumatic memory? Good first dates are about good energy, so leave the negativity until after you have become fast friends.
13) Are you ready to get married and have kids? The first date is just too soon to be talking about such serious subjects, at least for most people. 
14) Do you believe in God? Like politics, religion can be a very sensitive subject. While there is a time to bring up spiritual matters, it is not on a first date.
15) How do you feel about abortion? Way too controversial. Just don’t.
16) Want to do some shots? While it’s okay to have a drink or two, its best not to get drunk if you genuinely want to get to know your date. 
17) Do you believe in love at first sight? This is not only a cliche, it screeches being overeager. Be cool and keep things casual. Remember, the truth will be in how she acts not what she says.

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